Jewish Blessing Hamsa Flags
Jewish Blessing Hamsa Flags
Jewish Blessing Hamsa Flags

Jewish Blessing Hamsa Flags

These Jewish Blessing Hamsa Flags were created by Ilana Schatz after a visit to Nepal, where she was moved and inspired by the sight of Tibetan prayer flags. Unfortunately, her Fair Trade Judaica (FTJ) project ceased operations in 2018, but we're fortunate to have these beautiful and meaningful garlands to share with you.

FTJ described these flags as celebrating seven key values of the Jewish tradition:

  • Ahavah (Love)
  • Rachamim (Compassion)
  • Chesed (Lovingkindness)
  • Shalom (Peace, Wholeness)
  • Refuah (Healing)
  • Kavod (Respect)
  • Tzedek (Justice)

The hamsa (hand image) is a symbol of blessings, power, strength, and protection throughout the Middle East and North Africa. It's also called the Hand of Fatima, the Hand of Mary, the Hand of Miriam, and the Hand of the Goddess. 

Each set of flags comes in a crafted bag with their story on the front and a unique enclosure on the back (see photo below). The garland is 5ft long, each flag is approximately 10-1/2" high, and they're made of 100% cotton. They're made in Nepal by women from the Mahaguthi collective, where they receive a fair wage, health benefits, on-site daycare for their children, maternity leave, and retirement benefits. Fair trade certified.