Making a Human Connection

Making a Human Connection

These days it is so easy to have instant gratification when shopping. Be it one-hour pickup, drive-through service, or next-day delivery, I can have any item I want quickly and without much thought. Shopping is often without much human interaction. 

But what if I do think about my purchases a little more? Making purchases from an organization that supports communities has so many benefits. My money is guaranteed to go back to someone who is deeply invested in succeeding. My purchase supports a person who is learning a new skill, which encourages more people to see the benefit of learning. I can have a direct impact on a family, who through this organization can have the chance to work and still stay together rather than having to send family members farther away for opportunities. The artisans will spend their earnings locally, allowing them to support other members of their community.

Choosing to support an artisan community is beneficial to all. I receive a quality product whose value I can trust while knowing that the people who have created the product are being treated fairly.  It is a choice that brings some of that human side back to the shopping experience.

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