Get Outside & Unplug 📚🦋💖

Get Outside & Unplug 📚🦋💖

✨🌅…”Get Outside & Unplug” used to be my weekend motto & I am embarrassed to say that I have lost a grip of this…I’m going  to sign off for a while for I feel the need to protect my heart 💖. It is the wellspring of my life. I hope you all enjoy this beautiful weekend with the ones you love and know. Look up from your phones and breathe in the beautiful moments around you. 
I want to encourage you to get lost in that one book or two 📚 that have been collecting dust as the days fly by on social media….go to the park, play that game with your family (you know, that one where you all compete to win & learn the value of teamwork 🥇 for an hour or 2)…sit and watch the clouds roll by and take in the majestic skies that are never the same each day & night. ✨ 🌅 
…be the light for your neighbor. Be who YOU have wanted to be…not what the world wants you to be.
I’ll be over here living in the moment. I wasn’t made to live in every one else’s moments and don’t want to miss what is in store right here and now.
Hugs and Hope 
Marcie B ✨🦋🤍

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Thank You!

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