Fair Trade Is so Much More Than Coffee and Chocolate

Fair Trade Is so Much More Than Coffee and Chocolate

Generally speaking, 'fair trade' refers to farmers, workers, and artisans in developing economies receiving fair pay for their work or goods. The World Fair Trade Organization was founded in 1989 but says its roots go back to activists in the 1940s. Members adhere to a set of standards and practices, with the well-being of farmers, workers, and artisans at the heart of their business model. Contracts between buyers and sellers ensure the terms of the relationship.
If you ask someone what 'fair trade' is, coffee and chocolate probably come to mind. Companies like Equal Exchange have done a tremendous job bringing fair trade coffee and chocolate into places of worship and schools. Guess what? There are so many more fair trade products to explore than coffee and chocolate!
Jewelry? Check! Candles? Check! Toys? Check! It's easier than ever to find fair trade items for yourself or to give as a gift, and you make a positive impact with everything you buy. How do you know if something is fair trade? The easiest way is to look for 'fair trade certified,' the logo of the World Fair Trade Organization, or the logo of the Fair Trade Federation.

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