Why did we start the Cultivated Community?

Why did we start the Cultivated Community?

The Cultivated Community allows us to combine our passions for cultural and religious exchange, financial literacy education, community engagement and development, youth and adult education, food, and craftsmanship into a business that benefits everyone involved. We’ve been so impressed with the generosity of people in the fair trade community, and are grateful to be able to offer products identified as traditionally fair trade. We’re proud to also offer products from micro-producers as well as people who may be marginalized within their larger, more prosperous society. We're also privileged to offer products from people who do good for our environment and are committed to their community.

This is a new journey for us. Thank you for taking it with us.

Are you an artisan who would like to see your work offered on the Cultivated Community? Do you know someone who would like to have work presented and promoted on our site? Please reach out to us and let’s have a conversation.


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